September the 5th, 2011

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”

Like the famous virus named "Sunday" ended up printed the above on every February the 13th and also deleted all the files from the computer memory; for us it was September the 5th, when we deleted all the escalations and the cases from our memory & jumped into the pool of outing (that too on a working day). Special thanks to our new director for the innovative idea and also to the organizing team for a wonderful arrangement.

Everyone was confident that there would be loads and loads of fun in store for us and the place was right; Treasure Island - one of the oldest resorts in Hyderabad. To add to the fun, we gathered in the office and set out to our destination in a spacious bus where we had a special :) introduction to our new hires which included our new director.

To further cherish the memory in our hearts, a customized coffee mug was given as a memento and everyone said cheers with the welcome drink. We were wondering what comes next!!! We were asked to pick up some unknown thing from a bag. To our surprise it was only a coloured ribbon grouping us into three teams (Yellow, Blue and Pink). The events followed...

The first event led us to think --- What to do when we land up in an unknown situation? We learnt this from the Blind Fold Chase where we learnt the below language on the spot.

Two members were picked from each group, one of them would be blind folded and the other member would have to guide him with the direction (as above) to reach an object placed on equi-distant chairs and return it to a person standing in the middle. While all the people not participating had nice fun shouting out the same instructions to confuse the members further. Well it is always fun to make the situation tougher for the other person ;-). Team Yellow closed the chase in the shorted time closely followed by team Pink. Hurray !!!!

Tug of war
Once done, we were wondering ….. what’s next, and saw the long thick rope and guessed it right. As they say – “If It Was Not Art, The Strong Would Always Win”. You guessed it right too, it was indeed –The Tug of War. As always, it’s a great fun and also makes us realize the above quote. Nine members from the three teams had a tough task on their hands. Blue team won the contest with 2 consecutive wins followed by Pink with 1 win. After two games, the total points for the all the three teams remained equal proving that no one is less and it is that we always can learn from each other.

From Being the Champions in Tug Of War we jumped to being the Champions to another game soon. What best than the game of the World Champions. So, Could we skip the game of Cricket??? “No” would be the answer. We had a good game of cricket soon after. It was a high scoring 8 over match with the side batting first winning the game; ladies included in the whole play and they scored too.

In the middle of all of this, we could see some of us working with their laptops and support phones on some critical cases. This reminds me of the last part of the proverb stated earlier ‘All play and no work, makes Jack a mere toy’.

Tired and fatigued a rest was definitely needed. But more than the rest our body demanded fuel. We were damn hungry. A wonderful Buffet Lunch of Biriyani’s and Roti’s came to our rescue.

Lunch by the Pool side
After the nice leisure luxurious dining, the second half of the day added more life to the party. It was time to go Vroom Vroom Vroom………..How could we miss Go-Karting!!! It was fun all over with few of us trying to be Michael Schumacher bumping their karts into the boundary tyres. As usual free time was a time for posing; On of our official photographer was busy with special requests for photoshoots. Meanwhile, in the sidelines, the other expert cameramans, was silently clicking natural moments. Though it was not summer, yet the heat forced us towards the path leading to the swimming pool. We got drenched and jumped again and again into the water; But time seemed to be too short as it was already getting dark. Unwillingly everybody had to come out of the water for our return journey.

But oh!!! It was not all over yet and there was more excitement to come. We had a slot booked for ourselves in the Discotheque. We shook our hips in the Ecstasy Discotheque with the DJ playing all the popular English, Hindi and Telugu numbers.

When people are having fun, they get into the flow and it seems endless. However, as any other day, the day had to end. So tired, yet refreshed; We started our return trip from Treasure Island low on energy but high on LIFE.