Adventure Bathing - Some amazing experiences

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Na fik-re jab sataye aur bachpan laut aaye, its Awesome.

Seeing the picture above, there will be many who would recollect the childhood days when such a fun was feasible. No one would probably expect a grown up to have this... :-) Nevertheless this is nothing but an adventure bathing which probably suits the children. However, the idea behind this is when one awakens the child within themselves and feel like a child without any barriers, it is then when we feel Alive.

Waterfalls are always an attraction to anyone. Some only visit the falls and capture them through their eyes or grab a moment with their cameras. There are still others who want to go an extra mile and experience the natural shower. This is something which everyone might have already experienced at some point or the other in their lives.

I still recollect my college days, where we were fighting over an idea of having a plunge in the Dharagiri falls of Ghatshila. Some were of the opinion of having the bath while others objected and ultimately the plan ended up in a flop show and we returned. Years later I visited Ghatshila again but with a different group and enjoyed a similar bath in a Waterfall created by the Subarnarekha. It was raining heavily and so we did not bother about our clothes getting wet. It was fun throughout and we stayed there for few hours jumping in the flowing water.

When it comes to adventures people always have crazy ideas. It is the case when it comes to bathing adventure as well. Can you imagine a person having a frozen dip in the ice cold water of the Arctic? This is not only a crazy idea, but a reality and people do experience this. This is called Arctic spa and is conducted by Arctic Adventure Resort, Norway. People wear a survival suit, and slide down into icy water having temperature between 0 and 6 degrees Celsius. One floats around in a “weightless” condition enjoying the peace and tranquility of the lapping of the waves with varieties of sea world around. This is an adventure of a lifetime. Indeed Alive is Awesome. Hope I can make it some day.

Above is a picture of Frozen Waterfall in the hills of North Sikkim. You can find a lot of these in and around Sikkim on the way to Lachen or Lachung during the last week of December when the surrounding temperature goes in minus. Drench yourselves in the dripping water flowing through the frozen waterfall. Each and every drop will make you feel alive, though you will shiver at the first drop. Believe me you will not feel the next drop as it goes past your body and you will feel awesome. This can give the Alive is Awesome experience as shown in the TV commercial for Cinthol showing kids jumping in the ice cold water of Iceland.

When the cold makes me shiver and the rush makes me quiver, I feel awesome

Hope you too feel the same... :)