Unique experience which happens only during Travel

There are lot of activities which we are not used to doing in our daily life and we experience them only when we are travelling. We tend to become more adventurous. Getting the idea from Makrand on indiblogger, I thought it to be a good idea to try and recollect what such things I have done while on travel and write a list for myself.

Here goes the list:
  1. Having Maggi and Black Tea at Rhinchen Cafeteria (The highest motor-able pass)
  2. Enjoying all the adventurous rides in Universal Studio, Orlando.
  3. Trying to cut the ice in the way to Gurudongmar Lake at -17 degree Celsius
  4. Trying to sleep over the snow laden peak of Yumesumdong
  5. Having bath in a dummy swimming pool with water of hot spring at Taptapani
  6. Taking a smiling snap with Chinese solders at Nathula Pass
  7. Getting lost in a jungle and finding way out using GPS at Aananthagiri hills
  8. Coming downhill from Tshangu Lake while snowing 
  9. Snorkeling in Andamans
  10. Viewing Kanchenjunga like a picture at Kupup
  11. Riding Bactrian Camel in Cold Desert at Nubra Valley
  12. Enjoying Airboat ride at Withlacoochee river
  13. Watching the clear star studded sky after drinking at Suryalanka 
  14. Staying in a holiday home without power for 3 days and yet enjoying the nature in its crude form at Daringbari
  15. Meeting Santa Claus with cake in hand in the early morning at Hotel Hilltop Towers, Kodaikanal
  16. Walking through the waterfall (Wattakanal Falls) at Kodaikanal 
  17. Climbing a Hill during heavy downpour at Ghatshila
  18. Watching a dynamite blasting from few feets to clear mountain road near Kausani
  19. Singing at the top of our voice at mid-night in Gopalpur.
  20. Surviving an entire day on jalebi and omlet at Santiniketan.
  21. Roaming around barefooted in the cremation areas of Tarapith during midnight
Definitely there are many more things which I might have done and will continue to do. I will keep adding...