Crescent Beach - One of St. Augustine Beaches

St. Augustine's beaches is a stretch of beaches in Florida right from Vilano Beach north of the city to Crescent Beach in the south. Among them Ponte Vedra Beach, North Beach, St. Augustine Beach, Crescent Beach, Butler Beach, Fort Matanzas are few of the many beach access points. The gorgeous coastline is a beach recreation and relaxation for the people of Florida.

Crescent Beach is the southmost beach situated on the Anastasia Island three miles south of St. Augustine Beach on Highway A1A. This is white sand beach and named so because the shoreline has a natural crescent moon shape. This is the most scenic and unspoiled beach.

Crescent beach

Wooden bridges connects the beach with the road at different places. To enjoy the most serene part, you can choose to cross the furthest bridge.

Wooden bridges connecting the Beach and the Road

Some of the common activities include boating, diving, and fishing. You will also find horses ready to take the visitors for a trip on the sand beach. Visitors are sure to enjoy the ocean breezes and white sand on this family-friendly beach.

Kids Playing with Kiteboards

Birds especially Seagulls are in plenty in and around the beach and you can find them roaming all around you. Birdwatchers and Photographers can spend hours together in the lap of nature. They will even come close to you and take food stuffs almost from your hand. Probably that is why this beach is called the pet-loving beach.

Kids playing with Birds

Families come here to relax in the sun, taking the scent of salt water and the gentle ocean breeze, fish, go shelling or hit the waves to swim, kayak, windsurf or kiteboard. It’s also a fun to stay on the soft sand and walk bare footed.

Sit and Relax

For adventure lovers there is also an Alligator farm near this beach where you can enjoy Crocodile Crossing.

May not be one of the most famous beaches in Florida but definitely not one that can be neglected.