Researching the location

Travelling is a passion, hobby or a habit for different people. There are travelers of different varieties – some likes to travel freely without taking any pain to arrange things for themselves during the travel. They prefer to book travel via different tour groups who would arrange the entire trip for them. Some would like to just set out for travel and experience things instantly while they face it. There are still others who would love to do a thorough research of the place before heading out towards the destination. This saves a lot of time and help to plan properly to utilize the maximum of the time during travel.

I have tried all of the above and feel that the last option seems to be the best among all, though the second option is preferred by adventurous travelers.

Researching the location helps one to understand the place, the dos and the don’ts, nearby places of your interest and many more.

I rely on few of the underlined:

1. Wiki Travel: Rarely you will not find any location in wikitravel.
2. Trip Advisor: Reviews in trip advisor helps to judge the place or the hotels you would wish to stay.
3. Team-BHP site: This is a good place to know the road conditions if you have a desire for road trips.

Please add on to the list of any other site anyone relies on and the list continues to grow.