Shopping Spree in Hyderabad...

Hyderabad and a Shopping spree !!! Can't relate this? Indeed does a shopaholic need a reason to shop. And when they are in Hyderabad, it even makes more sense. It is known as the Pearl City so the obvious shopping item or specialty would be Pearls. Hyderabad is one of the largest drilling centers within India.

It is said that almost the entire village of Chandanpet, a small village in the outskirts of Hyderabad are skilled in pearl drilling. But one needs to be very careful while buying pearls as there are lot of duplicate items available. Buy pearls from govt registered stores only.

Different types of Bangles are also an item to look out for while you are in Hyderabad. Choodi Bazar (common known as Laad Bazaar) near Charminar is a very old market common known for bangles. One can get mesmerized by the colors and the variety bangles made and sold here. But keep in mind, before you buy any items do a survey of the whole market and do a lot of bargain.

Among various other things to explore, Pochampally Silk made in the Bhoodan Pochampally village near Hyderabad is a something one can look out for. This started as a part of the Bodhoon Movement by Acharya Vinoba Bhave. You can find more regarding this here. In order to promote Rural Tourism, APTDC also have set up a hotel at Pochampally village. Rather than buying it in some big store in Hyderabad, request everyone to visit the village to get a feel of how the sarees and the other handloom goods are made.

Kalamkari is another form of hand-painted or block-printed cotton textile which is available in Hyderabad.

Another item which has a attraction among the visitors is the fruit biscuit of Karachi Bakery. This is sold at any retail outlets, airports, railway stations etc other than the Karachi Bakery stores around the twin city.

Shilparamam is a one-stop for all the above and is not to miss for shopaholics. This is a permanent art and handicraft exhibition village located in the Hi-Tech city. Various fairs and ethnic festivals are held in this area. Recently a Night Bazar has also started just besides the premise of the main village.

Other than these, there are several food items like Biryani, Halem etc which are worth mentioning and not be to be missed.

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