Kuala Lumpur - A popular tourist destination

One of the best spots, I have visited so far is Kuala Lumpur in Malayasia. Kuala Lumpur often abbreviated as K.L. is the capital and largest city in Malayasia.
Literally meaning "muddy estuary" in Malay, KL has grown from a tin-mining village to a bustling metropolis in just 150 years. It is a great shopping and a popular tourist destination in South East Asia.

How to Reach:
All scheduled air flights, whether domestic or international, arrive at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) located about 50km to the south-west of Kuala Lumpur.

KLIA Ekspres is the fastest, and most convenient way of travelling to and from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and Kuala Lumpur city center.


Only Airport Limo limousines and budget taxis are allowed to pick up passengers at the airport.

Taking the day rest and enjoying the night in the hotel cafe, we set you to a tour of the city the very next day. Among the various places, we went by the Old Airport and heard stories from the guide to know the History of Kuala Lumpur. We ultimately reached the King's Palace. There were several guards on horsebacks guarding the palace. We were lucky enough to see the Guard Changing Ceremony which happens every hour. Another speciality of the palace is that, there is a flag within the Palace which states the the King is in the Palace or not. If the flag flies in the top, it indicates that the King is in the palace whereas the flag comes down when he is out.

The next destination we reached is the National Museum. This place is adjacent to the old Railway station. The place is beautifully decorated with the models of old trains and train engines. Inside the museum among all is a Weapons Gallery.

TUGU NEGARA or the National Monument was the next place we stopped. The monument complex encompasses five main components - the National Monument, fountains, pavilion, a war memorial and the surrounding gardens. The Tungsten Fountain present among the other fountains attracts the eyes of the tourists.

Merdeka Square or the Independence Square is another place of importance in KL. It was here the Union Flag was lowered and the Malayan flag hoisted for the first time at midnight on August 31, 1957.

The main attraction for which I was longing for such a long time was the Petronas Twin Towers. It was the tallest building from 1998 to 2004 though it still remains the tallest twin tower. The skywalk in the SkyBridge between the two towers on 41st and 42nd floors, which is the highest 2-story bridge in the world is awesome. The speciality of the bridge is that it is not attached to the main structure, but is instead designed to slide in and out of the towers to prevent it from breaking during high winds. Visitors are only allowed on the 41st floor.

A little far away from the Twin tower is another skyscrapper which is called the KL Tower or Menara Kuala Lumpur as it is originally called. It is a telecommunication tower featuring an antenna that reaches 421 m. The upper area consists of a Observation Deck and a revolving restaurant which provides a wonderful view of the city. There are high speed lifts to reach to the upper area. The view of Twin Towers from KL Tower is amazing. It is a wonderful experience to see one skyscrapper from another. In the basement of KL Tower is a Winter Park, entertainment lobby and also a Animal Zone.

Among the nearby places, one can visit the Batu Caves which is around 13 kilometres (8.1 mi) north of Kuala Lumpur. CAVE VILLA is located at the main entrance of the Batu Caves. It is a beautiful landscaped garden with a Koi Pond, Bird Farm and a great variety of Reptile display. Tourist interested in shopping can also have a quick glance at the Watch factory enroute.

Another attraction of Malayasia is the entertainment and Theme park at Genting Highlands. Genting Highlands (maximum elevation about 1760m) is a mountain peak within the Titiwangsa Mountains on the border between the states of Pahang and Selangor of Malaysia. It can be reached by car from Kuala Lumpur in one hour. It is also accessible by a cable car called Genting Skyway (3.38 km) which at its opening used to be the world's fastest and South East Asia's longest gondola lift. I would at least suggest travellers to experience the entry to Genting by the cable car.

Genting has all sorts of Modern entertainment for all age groups. There are 2 theme parks - Genting Outdoor Theme Park and the First World Indoor Theme Park. Indoor Park contains rides like Rhino Ride, Mono Rail, Euro Express, Rio Float and lots. Entertainment like Archery, Rock climbing etc is also present. Other than the Theme Parks, there are Casinos, Restaurants and Hotels to enjoy the fun staying in Genting.