Bansberia - Hangsheswari Mandir

Hangseshwari Temple is situated at Bansberia, which is 47 km north of Kolkata in West Bengal. The main deity is the blue neem-wood idol of the four-armed goddess Hanseswari, a manifestation of Goddess Kali.

Near to this temple there are also two other important temple named Ananta Basudeba Temple, which is decorated with very rich teracotta pointed plates and Swanbhaba Kali Temple built by Nrisinhadeb. The five-storied Hangseshwari temple is built in a unique architectural style, comprising thirteen lotus bud-shaped minars and inner layout following human anatomy. The construction of the temple was started by Raja Nrisinhadeb Roy Mahasay and was completed by his wife, Rani Sankari in 1814.

The ruins of Dattaroy Palace are situated next to the temple and all that remain of the structure are the broken walls and fragments of arches.