Tarapith is a small temple town near Rampurhat in Birbhum district of West Bengal. This Hindu temple is dedicated to goddess Tara, a fearsome Tantric aspect of the Hindu Divine Mother. It is considered to be another form of Kali. It is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas. It is believed that the eyeball of Sati fell down at Tarapith. In Bengali, the eye ball is called 'Tara' and that is why the name of the village was changed from the earlier Chandipur to Tarapith.

Around 265 kms from Calcutta, Tarapith is situated on the banks of the north flowing Dwarka river. The cremation grounds (Shamshan as it is commonly called) are situated on the sides of the river. Previously light was not allowed inside the cremation areas. But nowadays, you can find candles light here and there inside the area. In case, one wishes to go inside the area, they have to leave their shoes outside the cremation ground. If you do not have a fear of ghosts, you can very well experience the peacefulness inside the cremation grounds during night\midnight.

Dwarka River

The original form of the goddess (Adi roop) can be seen once everyday. This is covered with the idol/image which we normally see. The temple road has many small or medium stalls which helps pilgrims to offer pujas and buy puja materials. But be careful, as many other temple, there can be fraud people misguiding you.

Places to Stay:
There are numerous hotels and lodges in and around the temple road. There is nothing luxurious as this is a pilgrimage center and all of these cater to the basic needs. There are plenty of moderate eating houses serving standard Bengali meals.

Temple Road

How to reach:
Reaching Tarapith is not very difficult.Rampurhat is the nearest station. One can take any train to Rampurhat and then take a cycle rikshaw or bus to reach Tarapith. Tarapith is around 6 kms from Rampurhat.

Tarapith is also famous for Bamakhepa known as the 'mad saint', who worshipped in the temple and resided in the cremation grounds as a mendicant and practised and perfected Yoga and the Tantric art. Bama Khepa dedicated his entire life to the worship of mother Tara. His ashram is also located close to the temple.

Places Nearby:
There are few other places which one can add to their travel bag during the same visit like Bakreshwar hotwater spring, Massanjore Dam etc.