Useful Travel Tips

Travelling is always fun and filled with adventure. However, to keep the fun element intact in your trip, you would need to maintain certain rules or regulations without which your trip can go haywire.

The first and foremost thing which I do while planning a trip is to Research the Destination. Thanks to  Google, that we can type in any place in the world and get hundreds of articles or blogs or sites filled with information. Though all the articles may not be appropriate or may not have the latest or correct information, but a clever researcher will be able to compare and go through few articles to collect the requisite info needed about the place and its do/don't, weather and other important details. List of the places you would like to visit in the trip .

Once the research is done, Make a list of things to be taken in the trip. This will act as a checklist while packing. Make sure that you take requisite medicine along with you in case of emergency. In case you are a adventure lover, torch and rope should be a must. For beach trips, take an extra pair of shoes/sandals and a swimsuit. Do not forget to take sunglasses and cap as well which might become a necessity. Pack your camera equipments (Charger, extra battery, extra memory card, lens, tripod etc.) if you like photography. Make sure to take enough cash with you as you might not be getting ATM's at all location. You can also research about the availability of ATM's at your destination before hand.

Follow the Rules and Regulations as applied for the specific destination. Do not take pictures where it is prohibited. Dispose garbage and plastics at proper places and do not throw it anywhere. Make sure that you have the necessary permits and passes to visit places and always carry a photo identity card as it might be required for checking.

Though this is not all...yet these are some things which one must keep in mind for a safe travel...