Desire for new Swimming experiences

Dolphins are amongst the most intelligent animals, and their friendly appearance and seemingly playful attitude have made them very popular in human culture.

The popularity and other interactions with dolphins greatly increased in the later part of the 20th century. This was simply because of the learning that human experience while swimming with them. It is told that this activity helps to treat depressions in humans. Don't ask me how?

There are various activities which different dolphinariums offer. Below is a link of a wonderful video where someone can actually act as if he/she is a pro in training and playing with a Dolphin in a dolphinarium.

Some of the activities are termed as below:

Swirl: several dolphins swim in concentric circles around swimmers, generating a lot of energy and movement.
Kiss: with delicate movements, the dolphin poses its snout on the cheek or mouth of the swimmer.
Hug: upright and with more than half of the body out of the water, the dolphin hugs with their pectoral fins.
Footpush: two dolphins push the swimmer from the feet.
Jump: dolphins are masters in jumping out of the water. During the swim they perform tricks in the air.
Dance: into the beat, they move their body while the swimmer hold the pectoral fins.
Singing: with order and as in a chorus, dolphins emit their characteristic sounds.

Last but not the least, they also shake their fins to bid goodbye at the time of leaving. Amazing nah...

You can as well swim with Dolphins in the wild to experience the Alive is awesome experience.

Unfortunately we do not have any dolphinariums in India, though we can see them in large numbers in various beaches of Goa like Coco Beach, Ashwem beach, Palolem beach but however haven't heard of anyone swimming with them. Definitely I have this awesome experience in my wish list and hope to fulfill this in my trip to either Dubai or Singapore sometimes next year.

Echoing Cinthol's word, 'When I’m out in the wild, I feel like a child and it’s awesome'.

Note: However we should be careful enough not to hurt ourselves as well as the Dolphins.