Zoobie Doobie @ Taptapani

The place Taptapani is coined from 2 Hindi words “Tapta” means hot and “pani” means water. Rather to say in simple words, the place is famous for its Hot Water Spring. It is situated in the surroundings of a dense forest in the Ganjam district of Orissa.

Way back in August 2006, we planned for a trip to this place along with Gopalpur, the nearest beach location. From Behrampur, we hired a car for the rest of the trip and reached Taptapani in the afternoon. It was rather easy to find our way to the Forest guest house as it was the only one of this sort in the whole area.

Curvy Roads on the way to Taptapani Hotwater Spring

Having late lunch we made our way to the much awaited Hot Spring. We heard that the hot water from the natural spring of Taptapani are attributed with medicinal properties and can be bathed in at the pond created next to the hot spring. It was at a walkable distance from the guest house. Reaching the spot we were rather disappointed to see the hot water spring in such a bad shape. We were hoping to have some amazing experience in the pond.

As night went dark, the rooms booked inside the jungle started getting crowded by varieties of insects and our girl gang refused to stay there. We had to convince the officials to arrange for another room and ultimately got the VIP room with a huge bedroom, a dressing room and a bathroom. Thankfully that room was vacant at that moment.

To our surprise, we came to know that the room had a chamber which had a direct line from the hot water spring. We were still not hoping it to be the best part of the trip until we went inside to see. It was like a small 5x5 foot swimming pool with a dept of about 3 foot which had a tap connection from the hot spring as if a Geyser was connected to the swimming pool.

Image taken from Orissa Tourism Site

The pool was small enough for all of us at the same time and so we decided to go 2 at a time. We realized how bad our decision was after the first turn. Once they were inside the pool locking the main door of the bathroom, they started playing like a kid splashing the water over each other. We had no option to pull them out of the pool. After a lot of shouting and knocking the door they were out after an hour to make way for the other lot. When our time came, we realized why one would not like to come out of the pool so early...Aah!!! It was really refreshing.

Ultimately, when all of us finished we were dead late for the next part of our journey. But, we did not repent though knowing that we had the fun we were hoping to get.

It would however be unfair to relate my experience at Taptapani with any natural geycer after watching the Geycer Bath video below from Cinthol. Like each and every bathing videos posted by Cinthol, this also aroused in me the zeal for such an alive is awesome experience.

To sweat from pores you never knew existed is awesome.