Pochampally - Rural Tourism project

Pochampally is a village located in the Nalgonda district of Andhra Pradesh. It is popularly known as Silk City. It is around 60-70 kms from Hyderabad depending from where you start. This is the village from where the Bhoodan movement was started by Acharya Vinoba Bhave and hence this place is called 'Bhoodan Pochampally'. I have been longing to visit this place right from the time I came to Hyderabad but I finally made it in the last month.

On a Sunday morning 3 of our office colleagues and to be joined by 2 others mid-way planned for the much awaited trip. Our main intention was not to buy Pochampally dress material in cheap but get to know how this industry works and the tits & bits; Of course capturing the moments with our cameras. Taking a break opposite to Ramoji Film city, we reached Pochampally around 11 AM. The road though one lane was well maintained.

Reaching there we enquired about the Pochampally Handloom Park. Much to our surprise, the park was closed since it was a Sunday. Cursing ourselves for not doing a reseach before going, we were looking for at least something not to waste our day. Disappointed, yet did not lose hope, we reached out to the localities on where we could get to see the looms. Thanks to the localities and my Telegu speaking friends we came to know that though the park was closed, there are a few houses nearby where they make sarees.

They were eager to take us to the huts and explain the process and the different parts of the loom.We took few snaps here and there with their permission. When inquired about the time to make a single saree, we were told that the total process takes 4-5 days depending on the pattern. But alas, when we bargain on the price of these articles we do not think about the hard toil that is put into the work behind this. Middlemen take away the profit and the original workers do not get the worth of efforts put into it.

I bought 2 silk sarees for my wife and mother from one of them, while one of my friend took a dress material. I was happy that I could at least help them a bit, even if this is a very minor effort.

The Finished Products

We also visited the Rural Tourism Complex which is a display of all the variety of products like dress material and saree designs, pottery, baskets etc available at Bhoodan Pochampally. There is a minimum entry fee to the museum. It also has few hut accommodations for visitors. This is maintained by AP Tourism.

We heard earlier that Pochampally is also famous for its pottery, but checking with the localities we found that there are a few houses where it is made but it is on demand.

There is also an Ayyappa temple on the road on the right hand side, which is worth visiting while returning back from Pochampally. Overall the day went well and I would say, it is worth visiting the place probably not on a Sunday when the Handloom park is open.