Balaji Temple @ Chilkur

Balaji Temple at Chilkur commonly called Chilkur Balaji Temple is popularly also known as the VISA temple. The temple is located on the banks of Osman Sagar. It is located about 15 kms from Hyderabad and can be reached by taking the second Exit from Nehru Outer Ring Road to Vikarabad. This road has tolls.

It is believed that devotees who are having trouble getting VISA fulfills their wishes after having taken 100 rounds of the temple. One can see hundreds of devotees everyday taking rounds with the papers. This is the strangest part here. I have never heard this anywhere else in India and did not believe until I saw this.

This temple does not accept any money, does not have a hundi from the devotees. Unlike all other temples  in South India, there is no green channel for darshan or privileges for VVIP's.

Coconut and other pooja items are available outside the temple area. AP Tourism have set up a hotel facility for non-local tourists as well.

Nearby the temple there is also a Gurukul ashram which is worth visiting.