Bengali Lunch on a Fine Sunday

Bengallis are often coined as 'Bhojan Rasik', which would ideally mean that they love to eat and eat anything which is tasty - no matter whether they are higenic or not. The variety of food in a Bengalli household would be something which is admired all over the world.

It would be difficult to find a Bengali house where you will not see an item of fish in the daily menu. I am an exception though; Lately after finding a shop in the market besides JNTU crossing, fish became an item in our meals too - at least 2-3 times a week now. The specialty of this shop is you can buy live Rohu fish and that is the only shop in the entire market.

One such fine Sunday morning, we had a wonderful 'fishy' lunch with Fried fish, fish curry and Alur Khosha Bhaja (Potato Skin Fry).

Fish Fried

Fish Curry

Alur Khosha Bhaja is not an item which you would be hearing often. This is prepared from the peeled skin of potato. Believe it or not, potato skin is not only nutritious but tasty. Peel the potato and keep the skin a little thick than usual. Peel onions as well. Add salt as per your taste. Mix poppy seeds and fry till it mixes well with the peeled potato skin and onions. Fry till this is red and crispy.

Alur Khosha Bhaja

And that's a WOW lunch. Simple yet mouth watery. Isn't it, what's your opinion?