Travel Accessories

Based on the travels (Business or Leisure) which I have made so far, I feel that there is an good need to have some common travel accessories. Though this is not always a necessity, but in order to make your hassle free, this plays a critical role.

1. Universal Travel Adapter - An universal travel adapter that covers outlets of over 150 countries. Not everywhere in the world, the electric socket/pins are same. They vary from place to place and it becomes difficult to charge your laptops or mobile phones during your travel.

2. Waist Bag - A Waist bag to keep passport, cash and cards handy. This eliminates the need to time and again open your cabin luggage to get the necessary things, particularly when you are travelling to other countries, you will need to keep your tickets and passport handy to be shown at various points. Also this keeps your hands free.

3. Leather Passport Ticket Holder - You can also only have a passport and ticket holder in case you are not willing to go for a waist bag.

4. Power Bank - In this world of electronics, power bank is very useful to charge your devices. You may or may not get a power socket nearby so it is always suggested to carry one.

I did some research and linked some of the good deals which might help you in case you are planning to travel soon. Please feel free to let me know your feedback on this.