About me

I am Avik - a Software Professional by occupation.
Born and brought up in a town called Serampore in West Bengal, my passion has been always to travel and take pictures as I travel new places.

​Trying to relieve myself from the regular stress, I do feel the need to take quick breaks in the midst of all the work pressure. Then the amateur photographer and vivid traveler within me strives me to jump out of the regular schedule. 

While travelling, I also like to jot down important point of the trips so that it can help other travel lovers plan their trips. This has often motivated my colleagues to explore the beauty of nature. 

Primarily interested to travel in Offbeat and Less Explored Destinations. Participated in the Lonely Planet - India Unexplored Contest and won the Third Prize in the Special Themes - Shop Category.

Please feel free to post your comments.

Contact Email: kiva79@gmail.com or tellthetales1@gmail.com