Expanding experiences - Elephant Bathing

For the last 3 weeks, I have been writing on the different bathing experiences which I had in the past or would love to have in the future. These are part of the Alive is Awesome Bathing experiences - an initiative of Cinthol.

Alive in literal sense is continuing in existence. But is that enough? For me, living like a 'Frog in the Well' is not enough. The essence of being alive comes when you can enrich your knowledge and this is when you are able to fill your life with experiences and adventures. Alive is Awesome gave me that opportunity to explore and expand the experiences.


In the search of such experiences the concept of Water Parks have become so popular nowadays. Couple of decades back who would have imagined someone going to a water park to get themselves wet. Not only water parks, nowadays resorts also have variety water sports like Wave Pool, different types of SlidesRain Dance with DJ's playing the hot numbers, Surfing etc.

These have become quite common and I at least experience it 3-4 times a year, if not more. I am sure, anyone will agree with me. So we hope to get something different each and every time and the same experience can became boring after a point of time. This was the case for me too..

I have always been willing to travel to Kerala due to it variety in natural landscape and experiences like Staying in a Boat House, Roaming in the Backwaters, Connect with the wild in the Wildlife Sanctuaries etc. Now, when it comes to connecting with the wild, elephant rides are the most common.

Last by not the least, the experience which I would love to experience is the Elephant Bath. Its a bath where you sit perched on its majestic trunk, and the elephant douses you in fresh river water as if you are having a natural shower. Kannur is the place in Kerala where you can have this experience. Elephants by nature is human friendly, but they can be dangerous at times so one should be careful enough in treating them as well. While bathing ourselves we can also rub their back with a brush or probably help them to bath as well.

Kerala Forests and Wildlife Department have also started some eco-tourism packages which has elephant bathing included along with rides and feeding of elephants. I have heard friends telling awesome stories about  how they enjoyed taking dip in the water with the elephants and spending hours without knowing how the time went by and longing to have this pretty soon.


Note: One should take care that Elephant is not hurt while doing this.