St. Augustine Beach - From white to golden brown

St. Augustine Beach is another beach in the stretch of St. Augustine beaches. This stretch of beach is located in the heart of Anastasia Island.

Compared to the Crescent Beach, this beach is comparatively crowded. The color of the sand changes from white to golden brown. Closing watching, it is primarily because of the broken shells which lies all over the beach.

Waves being more here, this seems to be a surfers paradise. We could at least spot some 10 surfers doing their tricks right from the spot we were sitting giving me a chance to capture some good pics. Shell picking can be an interesting timepass on this beach. One can find different varieties of shells here. I gathered quite a few smaller ones for myself.

There are several facilities on or nearby that usually have activities and events available, including the St. Johns County Pier, pavilion, playground, fishing pier, volleyball courts, bait shops, fine restaurants, and more. There are also camping areas available nearby.

However, day came to an end and we had to head our way back to Gainesville after a sip of Starbucks Coffee.