Is Summer Really Fun?

National Geographic March issue was themed as "Summer is Fun". But question is Is Summer Really Fun?

I kind of do not agree with the entire theme due to the Scorching Heat and disturbing Sweat. The entire fun of travelling places is ruined by the heat waves and makes one feel tired more than they are supposed to be. But when it comes to taking a break in the Hills or going to a calm and quite area relaxing in the Pool and doing nothing it is great.

Even if you are not feeling like travelling to places over a weekend, spending the entire day in the Resorts makes more sense than staying at home with lots of power cuts. Resorts are a good business during the Summer and offer attractive packages as well to attract the crowd.

My Favorite obviously would be the Pool with all the water-slides and Rain Dance. Of the entire lot present in Hyderabad, I favour Alankrita due to eco-friendly environment with lots of shade to get relief from the heat and the multi-cusine restaurants. One can have a refreshing Aurvedic Kerala message. Resorts like Leonia or Pragati offer a variety of watersports as well.

Wave Pool at Mount Opera

India being a country with diverse climates, has places where weather is pleasant even in the summers. Those become the top destination for travelers during this time of the year. Kashmir being one of the most common places. I would say Sikkim comes next in the list. There are other places like Arunachal Pradesh and places of Uttarakhand etc as well.

Me @ Kardungla Pass
Overall, I would say "Summer is Fun" statement is situation. What do you think?

Please feel free to post your views.