Tajpur - An alternative to Digha

Courtesy Sourav, everyone knows that Dada (Short form 'Da') in bengali means elder brother. But have you heard about the acronym DiPuDa. No, you will not get that in any dictionary. This is common among travel freak Bengali's. Digha, Puri and Darjeeling (acronymed as DiPuDa) are 3 famous and most visited destination among any bengalis for a short break. Digha being the most nearest beach is always an attraction. Due to rush of the mass, it always remains crowded. Loners and peace lovers started searching for other serene beaches nearby.

Tajpur, around 170 kms from Kolkata and about 13 kms from Digha is a serene beach with its unspoiled beauty of nature. This is also the land of red crabs. With few beach huts offering fresh sea food, Tajpur Beach does not have much for the fancy tourists.

Pic Story follows...

Early Morning on the way to Tajpur

The Serene Beach

Mandarmani Beach from Tajpur

The Waves

And Again

Pani Pani Stall in Digha

There are few resorts near to the beach like Sabuj Saikat, Tajpur Beach Resort, Palm Village Resort, Blue Lagoon, Tajpur Nature Camp etc. I stayed in Sabuj Saikat and would recommend this. Nice and peaceful atmosphere with funky LED lighting during the night. They will offer you a food package 500 Rs (Inclusive of Lunch, Evening snacks, Dinner and Breakfast) which will taste as if it is a home cooked food. Evening snacks of Chicken Pakoda and French Fries with Tea in a wonderful lit garden was just awesome and needed for a serene place like Tajpur.

If you are willing to visit this place, it is preferable to bring your own vehicle as this is far from the highway and communication to this place would be difficult in case you want to visit nearby beaches like Digha or Mandarmani.