Adventure Travel Vs Adventure Bathing

Adventure Travel is a term we often come across among various groups especially the young generation. Not that this is only limited to them but it is often seen that they are more interested. It is an outdoor leisure activity which involves low or high levels of physical activity.

Trekking or Hiking are other popular adventure activities. Parts of Western Ghats in India is popular for trekking in the monsoon season when the lush green outfields refreshes the mind of the visitors. Himalayas or the Karakoram ranges attracts thousands of trekkers and climbers in the different parts of the year. Ladakh and similar locations on the hills are famous for Rafting where the winding mountain streams join to form the main stream river. It is a challenging recreational activity which can be dangerous at times.

Skydiving is one of the most visually stimulating aero sports and is fast becoming a popular activity amongst adventure enthusiasts. However there are only few places in India where Sky Diving happens. Even there are few places where Paragliding opportunities are available. Few others are also interested in Bungee jumping. However all of these have to be performed carefully and there are tests which are conducted before going on such an adventure.

Winter sports can be another form of an adventure sport. Not that it is played in winter; This is primarily played on snow or ice. Most such sports are variations of skiing, ice skating and sledding.

Popular destinations in India like Goa is famous for Adventure Tourism in the form of Watersports (e.g. Jet Skiing, Banana Rides, Para-sailing and many others). While Andaman and Lakshadweep is the hub of another sort of adventure - SnorkellingScuba Diving and Sea Walks. The zeal to know life under water attracts people to these adventures.

Most of us already know what these are all about, so why repeat?

This is just to differentiate between what we know and what we might not know about i.e. Adventure Bathing.

Adventure Bathing is something which I have recently come across and is becoming popular day by day. This is nothing but getting wet in an unique way. The definition and the way people would like to enjoy might differ from person to person, place to place, but it is all about having fun with water however crazy it might be.

Getting excited about the Alive is Awesome adventure bathing experience !!! Why not? From the time I have heard about this, I am excited and feel like recollecting all similar experience I might have had experienced before but never realized that it could be such an unique nature of its own.

Keep watching this space for more in my next post...Coming soon in a few days :)