Monsoon at Pune - Feeling Alive

Overcast skies, low temperatures, clean and fresh air, lush green landscapes comes to life during the monsoons. And if you wish you have a long drive with a fun filled day, Pune is the right destination. Pune and its surroundings are must visit on a Monsoon if you are a adventure lover.

Though I have been to Pune a number of times, a trip in the perfect monsoon season was yet not in my travel bag until 2009 August. Initially setting out for a trek to Lohagad Fort, we lost our way as the rain starting pouring heavily and we came to the side of Pavna Dam and Lake.

Along the entire route, there are series of waterfalls - named and unnamed. Get down at any one and start climbing. This is the beauty of Pune. It was like getting lost is a blessing in disguise here. We could see lot of groups doing the same all the way.

Since it was already raining and we were wet, we decided to move on towards Bhusi Dam, 5 kms from Lonavala in search of more fun. Bhusi Dam is adjacent to the Lake and water overflows through the steps creating a man made waterfall. When we reached, there were already hundreds of people jumping on the steps and getting themselves drenched. We too joined the party.

Just like a mini fair, there were various hawkers selling tea/coffee, corn, juice and other eatables. Getting wet and then having a sip of Garam Chai (a cup of hot tea) would again give the energy for another hour...LOL...This time each of us took a baked corn in our hands and sat on the steps to let the water flow over us and soak us to the bone.

My bet, visit Pune in the monsoon and experience such a Alive is Awesome experience. There are several such places like Mulsi Lake, Malshej Ghat, Kolad, Amboli and so many others. Recollecting the fun we had on that day, I am still eager to visit some other place again on a similar rainy day. Just waiting for the right chance to take a break.

When I feel the thrill of water spraying and the chill, I feel awesome 
When I’m splashing about and just want to shout, I feel awesome 
When I’m soaked to the bone but made it all on my own, I feel awesome