Dip in the Holy HotSpring - Rajgir

Way back in 1994, when I was a kid we visited the holy city of Rajgir along with my parents and few other relatives. Rajgir, popularly known as Rājagṛha is notable for Buddhism - the abode for Gautama Buddha.

Though primarily a Buddhist pilgrimage, Rajgir is also famous for its hot water springs. It has developed as a health and winter resort due to its warm water ponds. The Saptparni cave is the source of the Rajgir Hot Water Springs that have curative properties (likely due to the sulfur) and are sacred to the Hindus, Buddhists and Jains. Here, hot water from seven different springs (together called Saptarshi, or seven sages) merge.

At the foot of Vaibhava Hill, a staircase leads up to the various temples. Separate bathing places have been organized for men and women and the water comes through spouts from Saptdhara, the seven streams. The hottest of the springs is the Brahmakund with a temperature of 45 degree Centigrade.

Devotees bathing in the Brahmakund

These baths are said to contain some medicinal properties that help in the cure of many skin diseases. I have been to various other places all over India where there are hot-springs but this hotspring of Rajgir had its own fame and grandeur.

Like other millions of tourists, we too set out in the morning at around 9 from Burmese Buddhist Temple (place where we stayed). We started a bit early to avoid the rush. It was a walk-able distance from our hotel, however since we had additional clothing's with us we took a tanga (light horse-drawn carriage) to reach the place.

The younger group including me choose to dip in the Brahmakund while our parents chose the spouts. Being kid, we always had the interest of spending more time in the warm water splashing over each other. The kund was already occupied by many people. As guessed the water was lukewarm and we spent nearly 2 hours in the kund. We were told to perform another bath outside the kund so that the sulfur washes out from our body.

It was no-doubt an adventure and a completely new one. I would still like to go and have another dip now after so many years.

Credits: Picture is taken from the link http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tapodarama.jpg