Barbecuing in Hyderabad

Have been to several Barbecues in Hyderabad like Bar-B-Q Nation, 36 Chhattees, Sigree, Sizzling Grillz, The Great Indian Kabab factory etc, but after I visited AB's - Absolute Barbecues, I can definitely say that this is the best in the lot.

Thankfully I was on time to avoid the rush and got a direct entry with no waitlist. :) The staff provided me with a sofa near the corner of the floor and explained the different varieties. Observed that there were quite a few new items which was different from other places. There was a WISH GRILL which offered different varieties of meat like Quail, Rabbit, Emu, Octopus etc. You can have this cooked as per your wish and hence the term. We preferred to keep the Wish grill for our next visit and went ahead with the rest of the stuff.

Among the veg starters, I liked the Mexican Grilled Veg the most, followed by American Cheesy Potato. Singapuri Tangdi was good but a bit spicy. Hotel staff informed us that normally the food is medium spicy and if we wish we can order for less spicy ones as well. They were kind enough to offer my wife another less spicy piece. My favorite in Non-Veg was the Grilled Fish.

Had lots of Prawn and Hariyali Chicken as well, but frankly I did not like the Hariyali chicken that much compared to the other items. I would rather suggest the authorities to have a different variety of chicken instead, but that is again my personal opinion.

For Spice lovers, there is AWESOME TWOSOME - Spicy Chilli and Garlic sauce which you can spray over the baked prawns or chicken to spice up your taste with lots of ufff... and aaahs...

After the starters, we were so full that we did not head towards the main course. I took a little bit of soup while my wife choose to refrain from that too. There is a live ice-cream counter which serves with you custom mix. Among the sweets I love Firni the most. There was another item called Indrani which is uncommon in the lot. There were also a variety of truffles along with Gulab Jamun.

There is a bar counter at the corner though we restricted ourselves with the complimentary mocktails. We ordered for Aam Paana but the staff mentioned that this is not that good. They suggested to the other choices. We went ahead with Virgin Mojito and another drink (don't recollect the name). Pint Beer is also served as complimentary drink.

Loved the table decors too especially the quotes on the paper mats.

With the wish to taste the WISH GRILL signing off for now...